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Buying your baby clothes can be as practical or as self-indulgent as you want. Here, you'll find everything you need to dress your baby through the seasons, from onesies to shoes, and more.Plus, learn about organic baby clothes and check out the latest in baby fashion trends.Also, be sure to check out the Parents Store for all your essentials.

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Picking the Best Baby and Toddler Walking Shoes

With these tips for picking baby and toddler walking shoes, you’ll help your little one put her best foot forward. 
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Kohl's Just Launched Clothing for Kids with Special Needs

The new adaptive clothing will have sensory and wheelchair-friendly options and will be introduced to their three largest kids’ brands. This big step is making stylish options more accessible for all.
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21 Baby Swim Suits We Love for Newborns and Infants

Ready for some fun in the sun? And oodles of cuteness? Snag one of the season’s cutest baby swim suits for girls and boys from our curated selection, and get ready to make a splash.
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6 Ways to Have Fun Styling Your Baby

Life with a newborn can be really intense... and messy. So why not stock up on some stylish things to make you and your child feel extra-nice?
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Best Baby and Infant Socks According to Moms

These baby socks for boys and girls come highly recommended from real moms—one being our very own Digital Director. Why are they the best? They stay on, come in all kinds of styles and, of course, they're extremely cute.
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Baby Winter Clothes: What Should My Child Wear to Fight the Chill?

These baby winter clothes guidelines will keep your little one warm, safe, and comfortable throughout the chilly season. 
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Celebrity Baby Gear You Can Actually Buy Too

We dug deep and tracked down the best of the best celeb baby gear you covet so you can style your kid like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter Luna or the Kardashian babies. And surprise! Some finds are even bargain-priced.
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Father's Response to Daycare That Felt His Newborn Should Dress More Girly Is Comedic Genius

Take notes parents, this is the perfect lesson on how to deal with petty people.