Child Care: Tips for Choosing a Good Nanny

Ready to choose a nanny? Learn how to select the perfect babysitter for your child.


Finding the right person to care for your child is an important decision. Here are three important tips for finding the right nanny for your family. First, get recommendations. Start by asking friends, neighbors and colleagues for nannies in your area. Also try online nanny services that provide biographies, background checks and availability of potential nannies on their websites. Second, always ask for two to three references from a potential candidate. At least one of these references should include other families they have worked with. Ask how long she worked for the family and the age of the children she worked with as well as how she related to their children. Ask if there were any problems or concerns. Third, have face to face chats. This will give you a better sense of her personality. Don't forget to ask her questions about her experience with specific needs like diapers or food allergies and how she handles discipline. In the end, always trust your gut. And nanny becomes a part of your family and is caring for your children in your absence. It's important that both you and your child to feel comfortable and feel confident with the nanny you choose.

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