Choosing a daycare for your baby is an important element of your parenting plans. Here you'll learn about what makes a great daycare and how to pick the right one for you and your baby.

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Post-Quarantine Parents Are Keeping Kids Out of Daycare for Financial Reasons—But is It Working?
Daycares have reopened, but almost none of my friends have sent their kids back. For many, it's a financial choice; the pandemic's effects on parents' income and careers have been devastating.
It's Time to Leave Your Daycare Fears Behind
With stories of child care tragedies going viral, it's easy for parents to worry at daycare drop-off. Experts offer ways to work through the fears and find a daycare center that's right for you.
I Sent My Daughter to Daycare Instead of a Nanny & I Couldn't Be Happier
Everyone warned me it would be so difficult, but sending my baby to daycare was one of my best parenting decisions.
Mom Speaks Out After Being Asked to Breastfeed Her Twins in a Private Room at Their Daycare
"[I] believe this was a learning opportunity for them and teaching opportunity for me," Jennifer Mancuso says of the staff at her twins' daycare.

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Morgan King missed class when she couldn't find child care for her young daughter, and her professor's response was the best.

Daycare Costs More Than Rent for Many Families

The crazy cost of daycare may explain why more moms are staying home.