What to ask when choosing a child-care facility.

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Questions for the Facility Representative

Choosing good child care is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Use this checklist to be sure you've picked a provider that offers quality care.

When visiting a child-care facility, ask your host the following questions:

____ Is the center licensed or registered with the local government? If so, may I please see a copy of the latest inspection report?

____ Can I visit the center during operating hours before registering my child in the program?

____ Can I examine all the areas my child will use?

____ Once my child is registered, will I be able to visit at any time?

____ Is there a written daily schedule that includes active play, quiet play, rest time, and snacks and meals?

____ Are there regular opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, and are children supervised at all times?

____ Is TV viewing limited to short times and appropriate programming?

____ Does the center offer parenting classes or other family support?

____ Is each child assigned to one caregiver who is primarily responsible for her care?

____ Does the caregiver meet with parents regularly?

____ Is there a written policy about discipline? If so, may I please read it?

____ Is smoking banned from the facility?

____ Are there written policies for the care of ill children that include the responsibilities of the parents?

____ Will the caregivers give prescribed medication to my child?

____ Is there a pediatrician or a nurse who serves as a consultant for the program?

____ Do staff members have training in child development and in providing a learning environment for children?

____ Have staff members received up-to-date first-aid training and CPR training?

____ How long have the caregivers been working there?

____ Are there arrangements if a caregiver gets sick or has to be away?

____ May I get recommendations from parents whose children are currently in the program?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Consider the following questions when you visit the facility:

____ Are there enough adult caregivers present at all times? Do these caregivers have a warm, responsive relationship with the children?

____ Does the staff appear to enjoy caring for the children, and do the children appear to be happy?

____ Is the facility bright, cheerful, and well ventilated? Is all equipment clean, safe, and well maintained?

____ Is the noise level comfortable?

____ Does there appear to be enough indoor space for the number of children present? (A clear area measuring 35 square feet per child is ideal.)

____ Is there a quiet area large enough for all children during nap time?

____ Does each child have his own cot, crib, or mat to sleep on, and is there three feet of space between each of these?

____ Are the toilets and sinks clean and easy for children to reach? Can children also reach clean towels, liquid soap, and toilet paper?

____ Is there a clean diaper-changing area? Is a sink well within the caregiver's reach?

____ Does each child have a cubby, locker, or other place for her own belongings?

____ Are infants always fed sitting up, with an adult present during meals and snacks?

____ Is all the food nutritious, well prepared, and well served? Can you preview the menus?

____ Are there enough age-appropriate toys available?

____ Is there an outdoor play area that's free of sharp edges, pinch points, sharp rocks, and ditches?

____ Is the playground equipment age appropriate, properly installed, and well maintained?

____ Is there impact-absorbing material such as wood chips, rubber mats, or loosely packed sand in areas where children might fall?

____ Do adults always supervise outdoor play?

____ Is your first reaction to the program that it would be a good, loving, and safe haven for your child?

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