Childcare Basics

Finding childcare you can trust is hard. Here you'll learn about childcare basics - what to ask a prospective caregiver, what it will cost, the kind of training you want caregivers to have, and more.

Introducing Solid Foods to Baby

When and how to add new tastes and textures to your baby's diet.

8 Tips for Choosing Child Care

How to size up a child-care situation and pick the best one.

Essential Child-Care Questions

What to ask when choosing a child-care facility.

Child Care: Should You Hire a Family Member?

More grandparents than ever before are caregivers for their grandchildren. Before "Nana" becomes "Nanny," watch our video for some pointers.

Childcare Conundrums, Solved

No childcare situation is perfect. Here are some common complaints and possible solutions.

Child Care You Can Trust

Whether you're doing day care, family childcare, or hiring a sitter, stellar help is on the way!

Child Care: How to Find Quality Child Care

Need to go back to work after maternity leave? Here's how to find the best child care for your baby or toddler.

Child Care: Tips for Choosing a Good Nanny

Ready to choose a nanny? Learn how to select the perfect babysitter for your child.

Child Care: How to Find a Family Day Care Center

Looking for a family day care center? Learn how to choose the best family day care center for your baby.

Child Care: Day Care Safety Checklist

What to look for when visiting prospective day care centers and family day care homes.

Daycare Dilemmas

We've got the answers to the stuff you worry about most when it comes to childcare.

Who Has a Better Child Care Plan for Parents--Clinton or Trump?

Here's how the two presidential candidates' proposed child care policies stack up.

Zombie Apocalypse Parody Totally Puts U.S. Child Care Crisis in Perspective

Having a baby shouldn't feel like the end of the world--or the end of your career.

Should Abuela Be Your Babysitter?

She loves your kids as her own and will do anything for you, but is Grandma the right person to be your babysitter?

Have a Lovely Labor Day

Wondering what the big day will be like? What to take with you to the hospital? How to experience as little pain as possible? Here's a special delivery day guide, just for you.

Choosing a Child-Care Center

Wondering how to find a quality caregiver? Our guide will point you toward the right place.

Celeb Moms Nail Why We Need Child Care Reform in Spot-on PSA

All these star mamas needed to do to prove child care is a necessity is show us what their lives are really like balancing work and kids.