Hear some funny -- and some not-so-funny -- babysitter stories from other moms.

What's you most embarrassing babysitter experience?

"An unexpected business meeting forced my husband and me to leave our toddler with a last-minute babysitter. Since she came with the recommendation of a good friend, I felt relieved and thankful for her help -- until we received our phone bill a month later. We were horrified to see more than $150 in phone charges. Needless to say, we never called her to babysit again."--Anne Sevenson, Coldwater, MI

"Since I was breastfeeding, I had pumped several bottles of milk for our sitter to give the baby while my husband and I were out. When we returned, I noticed that the sitter left in a hurry, and our little one was crying with hunger. When I called her later to inquire what had happened, she confessed that she had drunk one of our baby's bottles on a $50 dare from a friend. We were mortified."--Tia Sebetta, San Jose, CA

"Our babysitter arrived one summer evening, and I told her to take our children to the pool. She had her bathing suit in hand, so I directed her to our bedroom, where she could quickly change. Moments later, I heard a shriek. Red-faced and flustered, my husband emerged from our room looking horrified. He had walked in on our babysitter changing her clothes."--Karla Zioler, Prairieville, IN

"One night I returned home very late from a business meeting. Eager to get to sleep and relax, I hurriedly paid our babysitter, Meghan, and went upstairs to bed. About an hour later I got an excited phone call from her thanking us for our generous pay. I didn't notice anything unusual until the next day when I looked in my wallet to discover that in my sleepy daze, I had given her a $50 instead of the usual $20. Embarrassed, I had to call her and remedy the situation."--Elaine Korren, Tresville, MS

"A last-minute trip caused me to leave our children with a new babysitter. I came home to see my toddler and his baby sister's lovely faces coated in permanent black marker. The sitter had instructed our son to "color" while she was on the phone with her boyfriend."--Carolyn Swelter, Alexandria, VA

"My husband and I returned after a night out to find our living room dark and romantic jazz music playing on the stereo. We flipped on the light to see our babysitter making out on the couch with her boyfriend and discovered our toddlers in the basement, running around totally unsupervised."--Laura McInerny, Mulberry, VT

"Our sitter requires payment prior to service. One day, I forgot to get money at the bank beforehand and had none to give her when she arrived. Furious, she told me she didn't work for free and never sat for me again."--Sarah Kistka, Davis, MI

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