Today, you have lots of different childcare options. Here you'll learn about childcare basics, and find information about daycare, babysitters, and nannies.

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Parents Agree: The Government Needs to Help With Child Care Post-COVID-19

Americans say it's time for the government to step up when it comes to helping with ever-increasing child care costs in the wake of COVID-19, according to a new survey.
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The Most—and Least—Affordable States for Child Care in 2020

Depending on where you live, hiring a nanny or sending your kid to a child care center can really cost you. Here's how it breaks down in the U.S., in the most expensive states to the least.
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It's Time to Leave Your Daycare Fears Behind

With stories of child care tragedies going viral, it's easy for parents to worry at daycare drop-off. Experts offer ways to work through the fears and find a daycare center that's right for you.
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I Sent My Daughter to Daycare Instead of a Nanny & I Couldn't Be Happier

Everyone warned me it would be so difficult, but sending my baby to daycare was one of my best parenting decisions.
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8 Tips for Choosing Child Care

How to size up a child-care situation and pick the best one.
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What Makes a Great Daycare

An insider's guide to choosing a high-quality program for your child.
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Babysitter Standards: New Mom vs. Experienced Mom

All moms want their kids to be in good hands when they're out, but second-time moms (or third, or fourth...) require a little bit less than newbies when it comes to babysitters.