The Bella Twins on Motherhood: Baby Gear Becomes Your 'New Fashion'

WWE Hall of Famers Nikki and Brie Bella spill details about their partnership with baby gear brand Colugo, which of them designed a carrier to match their lipstick, and advice for other mom entrepreneurs.

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What's the only thing better than affordable baby gear for parents? If that gear was designed by moms who've made it functional and fashionable to boot. And what's even better than that—if the creative inspiration is straight out of the minds of entrepreneurs, WWE superstars, and moms Nikki and Brie Bella.

The WWE Hall of Famers are hoping to inspire confidence throughout parenthood with their new Colugo partnership. They are creative advisors of a collection of gear inspired by their favorite things—and making their life as parents easier. The Bellas gave birth to their babes nine months ago and just one day apart. This was Brie's second with husband and WWE superstar Bryan Danielson. They named him Buddy and he has cheeks primed for pinching (they already have Birdie, age 4). Nikki's first with fiancé and Dancing with the Stars champ, Artem Chigvintsev, is the adorable and always happy Matteo.

"When you become a mom or dad or parent, you realize that the 24/7 gig is just that—being a parent, which means everything surrounding you is baby gear," says Brie. "It's your new lifestyle; it's your new fashion."

Nikki and Brie designed everything from bibs to strollers. Not only are the designs fun, but they are synonymous with each twin's personal style. The dune (light beige) and cocoa colors lean toward minimalist like Brie and the wine and zebra print styles scream Nikki. "We get to have our input—whatever our imagination is, whatever we want the baby line to look like, they create," says Nikki. "Especially for me being a first-time mom, it's like, 'Okay, if I'm going to have a carrier, is there any way to have this wine color incorporated?' It's my favorite and matches the lipstick I wear all the time."

Even though they're twins, they each have a stark uniqueness. Therefore, it's no surprise that their favorite product choices are not the same. Brie loves the Compact Stroller because it's easy to take on nature walks, and it's compact enough to put in the trunk and still have room left over. She also loves the on-the-go organizer because "this fall," says the "Brie Mode" wrestler, "it will be my total festival bag too—I wear it like a satchel. There are so many compartments inside and it's lightweight."

The Bella Twins
Photos by Vanessa Mona Hellmann

Nikki's faves are the Complete Stroller because it's like "Matteo's second bed," and it's great for her power walks. She says she can easily change her baby's view, either facing her or facing outwards, so Matteo can take in the beautiful Napa Valley scenery. Nikki is also a fan of the diaper tote because of all the compartments. It's great for picnics has a hidden pocket for keys and phone, and helps her to stay organized.

The organization is important since the Bella Twins are juggling so much—Bonita Bonita Wine company, Nicole and Brizee hair care, and Birdiebee apparel. How do they do it all? Staying home during the pandemic has helped.

"I think one of the pluses now," says Nikki, "is that we get to do so much from home. As a new mom, I can keep up with all of my companies, and I'm able to do meetings and create, all from Zoom. Even though it could take all my hours of the day—I have Matteo-time—I think when I know that it's doing good and it's benefiting people that I love worldwide, like our Bella army, it's easy to give so much of my time to."

And part of the ease in spending so much time as businesswomen is because they enjoy being creative. "The one thing about the Bella Twins is we're daydreamers," says Brie. "My husband often says, 'You two will always talk loudly about your dreams, and I'm impressed that you really do go for them and make them happen.'" It's something Brie says their beloved grandmother says about them too. "We always do go for it because we're not afraid of failure. That's why you see our hands in so many different projects," adds Brie.

The twins say they always had plans for entrepreneurship since their days at WWE. "We understood that we can't take body slams forever," says Nikki. They were also motivated by their own mother, Kathy Laurinaitis. "While we were growing up, we saw our mom as such a strong businesswoman and that helps motivate us to this day. She's always running her own company and she's so inspiring to us," adds Nikki.

Nikki and Brie also give sage advice to other moms who want to be entrepreneurs. Brie imparts that it might give moms a chance to recapture who they were before they had kids, while Nikki cautions to make sure your vision is aligned with whoever you're doing business with.

Lucky for us, the Bella Twins are doing both, and doing it well. Carry on ladies!

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