You won't believe what her OB-GYN denied the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Kate Middleton and Prince George Lindo Wing
Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Kate Middleton just revealed new information about her first pregnancy: Her doctor didn't allow her to attend Wimbledon while she was eight months pregnant with her son, Prince George. During an interview with BBC One, Kate admitted she begged and pleaded, but it was no use. Her request was denied, and she had to miss the tennis event.

Kate, who loves watching and playing tennis, had tough pregnancies—she reportedly experienced hyperemesis gravidarum, which is essentially an extreme form of morning sickness that can lead to dehydration or hospitalization. In light of that, it makes sense that Kate may have faced down more restrictions than the average pregnant woman. 

It's crazy to think that Kate wasn't even allowed to watch a tennis event due to her pregnancy, but Serena Williams was given the go-ahead to compete in (and win!) during hers. Granted, Serena was in her first trimester when she won the Australian Open, while Kate was just a couple weeks from her due date. The duchess's doctor may have even been worried she'd go into labor at Wimbledon! But it's still a striking contrast—and it further illustrates the idea that every pregnancy is different.

While one woman may sail through pregnancy without even a hint of nausea, another may suffer morning (or, more accurately, all-day) sickness well beyond the first trimester. Some women show early on, others barely look pregnant even when they're about to give birth. And while some women have complication-free experiences that allow them to maintain their pre-pregnancy lifestyles, others aren't so lucky. The bottom line? What's best for one pregnant woman isn't always right for another.

Mamas who faced surprising restrictions while you were pregnant—tell us about your experiences! Was there anything surprising your doctor told you not to do while you were expecting?