Luna's off to preschool, which means no more jet-setting for this glamorous baby—despite Chrissy and John's schedule.

By Jessica Hartshorn
August 24, 2018
Chrissy Teigen Black Dress On Red Carpet
Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Putting your baby into preschool is an overwhelming milestone—for both your kid and for you! Our favorite #momfriend Chrissy Teigen is no different. Even Teigen, who never seems short of social media commentary, couldn’t get words out when describing Luna’s first week of school on Instagram. “They had us make a little family photo album she can look at when she’s sad or upset. She loves it. My heart ksosksodododosksidojsjskodmskzh.”


So when Parents talked to Teigen about her #PureGoals campaign with Pampers, of course preschool was at the top of her mind. Getting her daughter, Luna, into a good school was a major mom goal for Teigen—one that every other mom can certainly relate to. Also relatable? Her confusion at orientation! She hilariously explained, “There’s this freakin’ class at the preschool that some of the other people went to for a year! It’s just the parents, for learning how to take your kid to school. I didn’t do any of that. I didn’t know that was a thing.” So, we had to ask Teigen how Luna's first week was going! Let's just say the cuties backpack of choice is #toddlerchic.

Parents: You said that you and all the parents were asking dumb questions at preschool orientation. What’s a dumb preschool question?

Teigen: “I was like, ‘Do you change her diapers?’ It had never occurred to me before that in this class of 2-year-olds, half of them maybe wouldn’t be potty-trained. You think the teachers are teachers and that their job is to teach and to play. In my mind, for some reason, I had never imagined this teacher having to run to Luna’s backpack for a change of clothes and having to put on her diaper and bring her back. But of course, you have to change her diaper! She’s not going to sit there at school all day with poopy diapers. That was definitely my dumbest question.”

It makes you realize how intense their job is!

“I know! Then you understand why you need four teachers per twenty kids. It’s bonkers. I looked at this mini sink and I was like, ‘My God, you don’t have hot water here, do you? Because the poor kids are all going to scald their hands.’ And they were like, ‘No, we would never do that.’ And I was like, ‘Oh okay.’ Dumb questions, I’m full of them!”

Preschool is exciting! This is going to be her first time in a class, right?

“Yeah. We travel a lot with her and we’re constantly exploring the world and having these different experiences, but one thing that’s very simple that she hasn’t had as a two-and-a-half-year-old is being in a class with twenty kids. It’s different for her. We just have to go into it knowing that it’s very different for her.”

Now your travel might be ruled by the school calendar.

“I know! I’m going to present John an award in London on a Tuesday. And I was like, ‘Is it cool to bring Luna?’ We’re just so used to being able to say, ‘We’ll just fly in and out!’ But, Luna would be horrible for two weeks if we went in and out of London with her! It’s just not a possible thing. You just can’t do that kind of thing. So you just rework your schedule. You don’t take them overseas for a day!”

Did you buy her a little backpack and all the back-to-school accessories?

“We did. But, we’re being sent a ridiculous number of backpacks. I’m like, “How do these companies know our address?” And Luna needs just one go-to backpack that’s always going to have her things that I need to check each day. She’s loving on this little unicorn one right now that has a horn. You know, of course we’re not going to have her bring a Gucci backpack to school! We want her to pick out one she loves and the one she loves is of course the opposite of the ones we love. Hers is brightly colored and has a horn and that’s fine. She’s all set on her unicorn backpack. I think. We’ll see. For now she is.”