Celebrity Parents

Celeb parents -- they're just like us (only with more money and better genes)! Find out who's pregnant now, which products celeb parents like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani love, and how those Hollywood mommies stay so gorgeous.

Eric and Lara Trump Are Expecting--and They've Already Made a Rookie Baby Name Mistake

Eric Trump and wife Lara announced they're expecting a baby boy via Twitter.

Jenny Mollen Proves No Space Is Sacred For Solo Mom Time

The pregnant actress's shower was interrupted by her son's playtime, and the whole scene was captured on Instagram.

We Have a Major Crush on Megan Hilty's Baby Name

You may want to steal this one for your son!

Anne Hathaway Shared the First Photo of Her Son for a Special Occasion

It took a hugely important issue like paid parental leave to inspire Anne Hathaway to (finally!) share the first pic of her adorable son, Jonathan.

Here's Why Chad Michael Murray Is Basically The Sweetest New Dad Ever

Husbands everywhere, it's time to enroll in Chad Michael Murray's school for how to be the sweetest and most doting dad (and husband) on Earth.

Of Course Kelly Clarkson Is Getting Shamed for Giving Her Daughter Nutella

The pop singer is being dragged on Instagram for giving her 2-year-old daughter the sweet snack.

Celebrity Breastfeeding Photos and #Selfies

There's something remarkable about seeing your fave famous mom in such a tender moment, breastfeeding her baby or even pumping breastmilk. Maybe it's the less-than-perfect lighting or the familiar hunched-over pose, but you realize in that moment that she looks an awful lot like, well, you.

Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements: How Stars Shared the News!

Sure, some stars announce they're expecting on big stages--but others share the thrilling news just like we do. See the full range of sweet reveal ideas!

7 Celebrity Moms' Push Presents

Pushing out a baby is hard work! So it's no wonder these celeb moms' significant others rewarded them with lavish push presents post-delivery. Check out these enviable trinkets your fave stars are sporting now that they're officially mamas.

8 Sweet Things Celeb Moms Have Said About Their Husbands As Fathers

Celebrity guys get even more attractive with fatherhood--just like your hubby.

Eric and Lara Trump Are Expecting Their First Child

Eric and Lara Trump announced on Twitter that they are expecting their first child in the fall, another Trump boy!

Jessica Alba Reveals Sex of Baby No. 3

The star took to Instagram to reveal the exciting news!

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Are Expecting a Boy

According to sources close to the couple, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson will be welcoming a baby boy.

Hold on to Your Oversized Sunglasses! The Victoria Beckham for Target Line Is Launching April 9

Victoria Beckham is introducing a collection of more than 200 pieces for women, girls, toddlers, and baby at a Target store near you.

Here's Why Zoe Saldana Kept Her New Baby's Birth on the DL

The actress says keeping the pregnancy and birth of her third child secret gave her time to nest and adapt.

Natalie Portman Has Welcomed a Baby Girl!

Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied have added baby No. 2 to their brood!

Jason Wahler and His Wife Just Revealed Their Baby's Gender in a Really Sweet Way

Lauren Conrad's ex is going to be daddy to a baby girl!

Pink's Latest Instagram Shows a Mother's Deep Love for Her Children

Pink shared a new breastfeeding photo, along with a caption to show her all-consuming love for her two children.

Kim Kardashian West Wants to Go for Baby #3, But Should She?

Despite having two high-risk pregnancies in her past, Kim Kardashian West may try for a third child.

29 Celebrity Moms Talk Breastfeeding

They might look glamorous when they're doing it (we're looking at you, Gisele) but many celeb moms struggle with the same breastfeeding issues as the rest of us do. From biting to bonding, read what they have to say about nursing their babies.

11 Photos of Celeb Kids Meeting the Easter Bunny

Whether they love him or are slightly terrified of him, meeting the Easter Bunny is a rite of passage for kids, and celeb kids are no exception! Here are some adorable photos of star kiddos visiting with the fluffy guy himself.

Ali Landry

Ali Landry has worn a crown as Miss Louisiana and Miss USA. She also made eating Doritos look incredibly sexy in a series of commercials. Now she's making motherhood look good with one child and another due any minute.

Nancy O'Dell: Baby Naming With the Stars

When I was pregnant, my husband and I struggled to name our daughter. Ultimately, we both liked Ashby (my grandfather's name). It works for a girl or a boy, and I love that it comes from "ash tree," a symbol of strength. Often, celebs get flack for choosing unusual names, such as Blue Ivy. Reportedly, it comes from Jay-Z's The Blueprint CDs and the Roman numeral for four (IV) -- Beyonce's and Jay-Z's birthdays and anniversary fall on a 4th. The strong meaning behind their baby's name made me curious about how other stars chose names.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Revealed the Sex of Their Baby

Leave it to everyone's favorite talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to get the inside scoop.

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Announces She Is Pregnant With Second Child

The reality star took to social media to announce she and boyfriend Andrew Glennon are expecting!

Kim Kardashian Accidentally Revealed the Sex of Baby No. 3 to Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has a way of getting her guest stars to confess intimate aspects of their lives, but this time it was all Kim.