What Does Fifth Disease Look Like on a Baby?

Fifth disease is a viral illness that may start with cold-like symptoms. Learn how to spot the signs and treat your baby, as well as when to call the doctor.


[MUSIC] Fifth disease is a viral illness. The tell-tale sign is a mild red rash on the face that resembles a slapped cheek or sunburn. It may start with cold like symptoms. Mild fever, runny nose and headache. Then the rash may appear and spread in a blotchy pattern to the chest, arms, legs, back and buttocks. Interestingly, it's usually no longer contagious once you see the rash. Treat the fever and headache with acetaminophen or ibuprofen is your child is uncomfortable. For itch, try a topical, cortical steroid. Or an oral antihistamine, if your child is over age one. Call your doctor if you're concerned about your child's symptoms. Or for joint pain, or if medications aren't helping. Symptoms usually clear up within two weeks. The good news is that after contracting Fifth disease a child develops immunity that usually the illness from striking again. The virus that causes Fifth disease can be dangerous for the fetus of a pregnant woman who wasn't exposed as a child [MUSIC] If you're pregnant and think you've been exposed. Contact your doctor immediately. [MUSIC]

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