6 Unique and Natural Baby Skincare Brands We Love

If clean beauty is important to you and your baby, here are a few of the natural beauty brands to know.

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Evereden is a new baby brand that is taking on children's skincare with an adult-minded approach. Meaning they source high-quality, natural ingredients and use innovative formulations to ensure the products are safe for baby's sensitive skin. Their company ban list includes the usual culprits like sulfates, phthalates, and parabens, but also bans ingredients that are known allergens or skin sensitizers (like certain essential oils).

Core Products in the Line: Baby shampoo and body wash, body moisturizing lotion, baby massage oil, diaper rash cream, and mineral sunscreen

Price Range: $21-27

Website: ever-eden.com

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Wash with Water Organic

Wash with Water Organic

The founders of Wash with Water Organic created the line to "remind us to slow down and enjoy the little things that make life beautiful." Like bathtime! Their products are all-natural, organic, vegan, and made in the USA. One of their bestsellers is the baby shampoo and body wash that is formulated with coconut oil, calendula extract, and cocoa butter for sensitive skin. Bonus: it smells like sweetpeas!

Core Products in the Line: Shampoo and body wash, lotion, bar soap, repair balm, hair detangler spray, bubble bath, and newborn 2-in-1 foam cleanser

Price Range: $7-79 (for family size)

Website: washwithwaterorganic.com

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Bāeo Bare Essential Organics

Bāeo Bare Essential Organics
Courtesy of Bāeo Bare Essential Organics

Bāeo is a new plant-based, organic skincare line for babies. Developed my moms, the line has a list of ingredients that their products will never contain including sulfates, fragrance, parabens, and phthalates. Bāeo uses ethically sourced ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging, and donates 1% back to Baby2Baby. Parents will love the hydrating oils in their products and the convenience of their chic, easy to use tins!

Core Product in the Line: Shampoo & body wash, face moisturizer, body butter, diaper balm, sunscreen (coming soon), and soothing sleep balm (coming soon)

Price Range: $13-22

Website: Baeo.com

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Baby Bum

Baby Bum

The family-favorite sunscreen line Sun Bum, has branched out into baby. Baby Bum is a plant-based skincare line free of parabens, phthalates, and dyes. Many of the products are formulated using sea minerals, monoi coconut oil, banana, aloe, and white ginger—a few of their fave ingredients from the Sun Bum line. The line has natural fragrance (a blend of green coconut, sweet vanilla, and tonka bean) and fragrance-free options.

Core Products in the Line: Shampoo & wash, bubble bath, coconut balm, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, lotion, and mineral sunscreen

Price Range: $4-14

Website: babybum.com

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Tubby Todd Bath Co.

Tubby Todd Bath Co

The brand says from newborn to ninety, Tubby Todd Bath Co., is safe for the whole family. The products use plant-based, natural ingredients, are made in the USA, use BPA-free bottles, and are Leaping Bunny Certified to be cruelty-free. All fragrances are natural with custom blends of pure essential oils and plant extracts or their All Over Ointment is fragrance-free.

Core Products in the Line: Hair & body wash, all-over ointment, lotion, bubble bath, conditioner, and hair detangler

Price Range: $15-42 (for large size)

Website: tubbytodd.com

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Beauty Counter Family

Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter was founded as a commitment to stricter health and safety standards in the beauty industry. To date they have prohibited more than 1,500 chemicals for use in their product lines. In an effort to be transparent, the brand created a searchable ingredient glossary to provide more information about what's in their products and how it functions. The family line was created to provide simpler formulas (read: fewer ingredients) for sensitive baby skin.

Core Products in the Line: Diaper rash cream, all-over wash, protective balm, soothing oil, body wash, conditioner, and shampoo

Price Range: $18-22

Website: beautycounter.com

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