Protect your little one from summer's sun and heat with these must know tips and tot-friendly products.

Baby Wearing Sunscreen
Credit: Evannovostro/Shutterstock

1. Use Sunscreen even on little babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics has approved sunscreen for infants 6 months and younger. Apply sunscreen all over your baby's face and body 20 minutes before heading outside.

2. Be vigilant. Your baby can't tell you she's had too much sun, and it's important to avoid even minor sunburns. If her skin looks red, she may have already been burned. Take her indoors immediately.

3. Seek the Shade. Let your baby play outdoors, but limit direct exposure to the sun. Bring an umbrella or a tent to the beach, park, or pool -- and get one specifically designed to filter UV rays. Outfit your infant with a wide-brimmed hat, tightly woven full-length clothing, and sunglasses, and go inside during the middle of the day.

4. Test for Allergies. Use just a small amount of lotion on Baby's skin at first to see if she is allergic to it. Para-aminobenzoic (PABA) is the ingredient most often linked to allergic reactions. Also watch for cinnamates, benzophenones, and anthranilates. If your child's skin gets irritated, switch to a brand that contains other ingredients.

5. Look for a high spf. Products with an SPF below 15 won't prevent overexposure to UV rays. For the best protection, reapply a child's sunscreen with a high SPF every two hours when outdoors. If your infant perspires or goes for a swim with you, reapply every 40 minutes. Don't forget to cover the backs of ears, knees, and hands. And remember to use sunscreen even on cloudy and cool days.

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