Baby Care Basics: Surprising Reasons to Call the Doctor

Watch out for these symptoms in your baby. Even though they might seem harmless, you should call your doctor right away.


You probably already know that you should call your Pediatrician if your baby has a fever. Seems lethargic, has trouble breathing or vomits repeatedly. But sometimes, symptoms that can seem harmless can be serious. Call your doctor right away if you notice one of these symptoms. If you see a soft bump in the belly button area that gets noticeable when your baby cries, Or if he has a swollen scrotum he may have a Hernia. Most eventually go away on their own, however if it is hard or appears to cause pain, call immediately. An eyelid that is swollen with a fever, even if the white of the eye isn't red, swelling or redness around the eye can signal a more serious infection called Orbital Cellulitis. Uncontrollable coughing is also worrisome. If your baby is coughing so hard that he is weezing or can't stop, alert your doctor. Swollen eyes, hands or feet can be a sign of Sickle Cell Anemia, a genetic disorder that causes babies to produce abnormal red blood cells. Signs don't usually appear until after four months. All babies should be screened for it in the hospital after delivery, so every new moms should ask about her child's results. Lastly, if your child has significant changes in his diaper, call your doctor. Look for blood in the diaper. Poop that resembles grape jelly is persistently watery or resembles hard little balls. Fuel wet diapers can also signal dehydration. If you're worried, it's always better to call your doctor who can advise you whether to wait or to get help right away.

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