Pediatricians and Medicine

Your pediatrician will become a trusted family advisor who guides your parenting decisions when it comes to your newborn's health care. Learn about how to select a pediatrician you can trust; common newborn screening tests; and questions to ask the pediatrician.

All About Baby Allergies

Identifying and treating baby's allergies -- or is it a cold?

Stocking Baby's Medicine Cabinet

All the products you need to treat baby's colds, coughs, and rashes.

Recommended Newborn Screenings

Check out our complete guide to the tests all infants should receive before leaving the hospital.

What to Expect at Baby's First Doctor Appointment

Are you a little nervous to take your newborn to her first doctor appointment? Don't fret. We'll help you with what questions to ask, what paperwork to remember, who to bring along, and what Baby needs.

What to Ask at the First Newborn Visit

10 questions for your child's pediatrician from Child's columnist Michel Cohen, M.D.

When to Worry: Food Allergies

It can be hard to notice food-allergy symptoms in babies. Here's how to tell if your newborn could be suffering from one.

How to Select a Pediatrician

When to start searching, what questions to ask, and what you should look for when finding the best doctor for your baby.

Baby's First Doctor Visit: What Does That Mean?

Pediatricians explain just what they're doing when they examine your baby.

When to Worry: Constipation

If your baby hasn't pooped in awhile, does that mean she is suffering from constipation? Learn how to tell how the symptoms and what you should do to relieve her pain.

Checklist: Questions To Ask the Pediatrician You're Considering

You've got a baby on the way--now's the time to find a doctor you can trust. Below is our guide to choosing the pediatrician that's right for you and your little one.

When to Worry: Jaundice

How can you tell if your newborn has jaundice? Find out the symptoms of this common condition and how to make it better.

When to Worry: Coughs & Colds

It's difficult to watch your baby suffer through coughing or a cold. Discover some remedies for your tot so he can breate easier.

Well-Baby Visits for Your Baby

During well-baby visits, your pediatrician focuses on your child without the distraction of treating an illness.

Meet the Pediatrician

Meet pediatrician Alan Greene and read his expert advice.

When to Worry: Diarrhea

Could your baby be suffering from diarrhea? Learn more about the causes and possible remedies for your munchkin.

Baby Care Basics: Choosing the Right Doctor

Choosing a doctor for your little one can be an overwhelming process. Use this guide to make the right decision for your family.

When to Worry: Anemia

If your infant is pale and weak, he could have anemia. Find out more about the symptoms of anemia and how to treat it.

When to Worry: Thrush

If your bundle of joy has white patches in his mouth, he could have thrush. Learn more about symptoms and treatment for this condition.

The Dos and Don'ts of Fighting a Fever

When your child's temperature rises, you worry. But a fever is a sign that the body is battling germs. In fact it can be beneficial, by kicking the immune system into high gear and creating a less-than-ideal environment for illness to thrive. Read on to learn how to handle the heat.

When to Worry: Hernia

What exactly is a hernia? Learn more about the two types of hernias that are common in babies and what kind of treatment might be needed.

When to Worry: Ear Infections

Ear infections are very common in babies, but it can be hard to know when your bundle of joy has one. Here are the signs and symptoms for an ear infection in your infant so you can get him help.

Why Babies Need Shots

Your baby really does need all those vaccines she's scheduled for in her first year. We'll tell you what shots she's getting and why each one is vital to her health.

What Doctors Look for at Well-Baby Visits

Regular checkups are important for tracking your baby's health and development.

5 Essential Health Screenings Your Baby Needs

The essential health screenings your infant needs during the first few days of life.