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Your pediatrician will become a trusted family advisor who guides your parenting decisions when it comes to your newborn's health care. Learn about how to select a pediatrician you can trust; common newborn screening tests; and questions to ask the pediatrician.

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What's the Correct Benadryl Dosage for Children?

Benadryl can safely relieve allergy symptoms in children of the right age, but it should never be used as a sleep aid. Here are the safety precautions parents need to know.

Apgar Score: How It's Done and What's Normal

Your baby is evaluated on her appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiration immediately after delivery. Learn what this Apgar score really means. 

When to Worry: Pinkeye

Could your infant's swollen eye be pinkeye? Find out if your baby has the symptoms of this infection and how to treat it.

9 Clever Ways to Help the Medicine Go Down

Ditch the spoonful of sugar. Use these proven strategies, from both doctors and real parents, when the "here comes the airplane" tactic fails.

How to Select a Pediatrician

Parents should start looking for a pediatrician weeks before Baby is due. Here are the most important criteria for selecting the best pediatrician near you.

Find the Best Pediatrician

You want an M.D. who provides great care, but you also need someone you click with. We're playing matchmaker! Follow our pointers on picking a good pediatrician, asking the right questions, and getting the most out of each visit.

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What Doctors Look for at Well-Baby Visits

Regular checkups are important for tracking your baby's health and development.