How to Soothe a Crying Baby

Harvey Karp, M.D. explains how to turn a crying cutie into a sleeping beauty.


-So, the first thing when the baby cries, of course, is that you make sure they are comfortable that they have improved their pee. They are not in pain, and they are not hungry. Sometimes even they are hungry an hour after they've just eaten. Don't worry about overfeeding the baby. I mean, offer a little bit of milk and if they drink an ounce of milk and then they are calm and happy, then you know that that's the problem with. but that doesn't calm down, then you do the 5 S's. Swaddling being the first test, which is the cornerstone common. If you don't swaddle the baby, nothing else would gonna work well. The arms are tight, but the helps are loose, so he can move his feet and get his leg back and forth and flex his hips. You don't want the hips rigidly tight because that puts pressure on the hips. I can predispose to hip dysplasia, but the arms have to be tight. If they are not, they gonna pop out and then it's just not gonna work. Now, may baby is crying more when you wrap them at first, and then they calm down. Stick with it because the next as there you at will help to calm them down, then you lay around to the shushing and the side stomach position and the swinging, and the sucking, and you will find the right mix for your child. The concept is that our babies are born 3 months before they are ready for the world that they need 4th trimester of caring and protecting. Of course, we can keep them inside for 4th trimester because they have never set out. Their heads are too big. So, we to give birth to our babies when they are immature, and so we imitate they sensory experience they have in the womb, and when you do that, you actually flip the switch. You turn on something called the [unk] reflex. That's a virtual ups with their crying and on switch for sleep that all babies are born with. So, it's kind of miraculous sometimes. You can take a screaming baby and literally get them calm in minutes or seconds when you use this technique.

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