You've tried everything to soothe your baby's cries but he's still screaming. Could it be colic? Colic is fairly common in babies but is tough on parents. Learn what colic is, what causes it, and most importantly - how to cope.

How Much Crying Is Normal?

When is it just crying and when is it colic?

Colic Must-Knows

It's 4 a.m. and your baby's been crying -- and you've wanted to cry -- for three hours. You know this isn't a hungry or tired cry, so something has to be wrong. When crying episodes become chronic, it might be colic, which is more common than you think. "Colic is a factor in at least one out of 10 babies in my experience," says Brooklyn pediatrician Anatoly Belilovsky, M.D. Here's what you need to know about colic to help you and your baby through it.

How to Soothe a Crying Baby

Harvey Karp, M.D. explains how to turn a crying cutie into a sleeping beauty.

How to Swaddle a Baby

There are many ways you can hold your baby. Do it the right by learning the ABCs of swaddling your newborn.

How to Soothe a Colicky Baby

Tips to help ease your little one's discomfort

Myths about Colic

New research says your chronic crier isn't in distress. Here's the soothing news -- and some time-tested calming techniques.

Handling Baby's Colic

The frazzled parents' guide to dealing with colic.

How to Massage Your Baby

Try these massage strokes to calm and connect with you baby.

10 Ways to Soothe Baby's Colic

Creative ways to stop the crying and get your baby to sleep.

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5 Solutions for Colic from Harvey Karp

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Crying & Colic: How To Ease Baby's Tears

The intense crying spells that characterize colic usually surface around week six. Though the causes are unclear, we've got suggestions on how to ease some of the symptoms.

Crying and Colic: What You Need to Know

It's your infant's natural way to communicate, but you can lessen unnecessary tears.

How to Cope When Your Baby Has Colic

Colic. The mysterious and seemingly never-ending crying can drive you nuts. Here's how to cope with the stress and frustration of a screaming baby.

How to Relieve Colic

Take these steps to reduce your baby's colic.

Colic: When Does It Start-and End?

Got a colicky baby? Here's what you need to know about colic, from its start around 3 weeks after birth to peak crying time around 6 weeks.

The 411 on Colic

Find out how to soothe your baby -- and yourself -- when he has colic.

How To Relieve Colic

Inconsolable sobs sure can rattle your nerves, but remember, the crying will end. Until then, try these soothing steps to reduce your newborn's tears.

The Colic Chronicles

If you're dealing with colic, you probably feel like crying as much as your baby does. It may help you to understand what can make a child better -- and what usually won't.

Colic 101: What It Is and What to Do

Learn what causes your baby's nonstop crying and how you can soothe his/her tears.