After a few outings with a baby who frequently vomits, you'll swear that hurling could be an Olympic event. Here are a few things to carry with you when your kid's a champion hurler.

___ Lots of wipes, tissues, and burping bibs or cloths.

___ One or two changes of clothing for baby.

___ An extra T-shirt for yourself (or be sure to dress in layers).

___ A plastic bag to hold all soiled laundry items.

___ A bottle of water -- for you to guzzle when you're nervous and sweating.

___ A small pocket mirror to make sure none has landed in your hair -- baby also can play with it when you change him for the umpteenth time.

___ A blanket or towel to double as a wrap for baby when all his clean clothes are gone.

___ A vanilla-based spritzer or scent so you can blame that sickly sweet smell on your new perfume.

Excerpted from the Ages & Stages weekly baby newsletter, Week 12.

Originally published on, March 2006.

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