How to Bathe a Baby

Splish, splash! Here are some tips on how to bathe your little one.


You must keep one hand on your baby at all times when she's in the tub. So, make sure the baby wash, shampoo, and towel are in arm's reach before you lower her into the bath. You may even wanna squirt cleanser on a wash cloth ahead of time. Fill an infant tub or clean kitchen sink with about 2 inches of warm water. Check the temperature with the underside of your wrist. If it doesn't feel too hot or cold, gently place your baby in the tub while supporting her head. Be sure to clean your baby's neck, armpits, bends of the legs, and in the folds of the skin. Formula or breast milk, spit up, dirt, and sweat can get trapped in these areas and cause irritation. To prevent dry skin, use body wash only a couple of times a week. If you bathe your baby more often, make sure to moisturize or use plain water. To keep your baby from getting chilly, wash her hair last, lightly massaging shampoo into her scalp. If she has cradle cap, put shampoo on a baby brush and rub her head in a circular motion. To rinse, cup your hand over her forehead to keep water out of her eyes. When taking your baby out of the tub, hold her under her head and back for support. Place your other hand under her bottom, making sure you get a good grip on both of her legs, then carefully lift her out of the tub. Wrap her up right away in towel and dry her-- again, paying attention to the folds of the skin.

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