Easy ways to have fun and play games with your little one!
woman playing with baby
Credit: Buff Strickland

Choose the right time. Playtime is best scheduled for when your baby is well-rested and in the right mood. An overtired, hungry, or fussy baby simply won't want to engage in play -- not matter how much fun it might be!

Make playtime learning time. Engaging with your child helps to boost vocabulary, strengthen muscles and motor skills, and improve his senses, especially during the first year of life. So choose activities -- tummy time, reading, singing, etc -- that encourage both learning and play.

Respond and repeat. Whenever Baby babbles or coos, repeat the sound she makes. Before you know it, she'll start to respond and even imitate the sounds you make when talking.

Take classes. Signing up for Mommy & Me classes, story time at the local library, or a music class is not only a fun activity for the two of you to do together; it also gives you the opportunity to mingle with other parents and for your baby to start learning some valuable social skills.

Make sure toys are age-appropriate. Getting toys for your baby's specific age range ensures that your little one can actually play with them, and that they're safe as well.

Keep it simple. You don't need to spend lots of money on toys and games. The simplest activities -- like bath and mealtime -- can turn into fun moments.

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