Believe it or not, having twins doesn't mean you'll never sleep again! These tips, including how to establish a schedule and create bedtime routines, can ensure a good night of shut-eye for everyone.

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Get on a schedule. Creating a sleep schedule for one baby is important -- and it's even more so for two. Mom and Dad need some peace and quiet, so it's best to get babies to bed at the same time every night. When one baby wakes up, wake the other up, too (this is one of those times it's okay to wake a sleeping baby!). This will eventually get them on the same feeding, changing, and sleeping schedule.

Create a bedtime routine. Babies thrive on consistency, so put together a bedtime routine that works best for you and your babies. Bath, books, and bed seems to work for most little ones. This is a great time to bond with your twins, so make it stress-free and enjoyable for all of you.

Think about co-bedding. This is when you lay both babies next to other in the same crib. Because the two spent so much time together in the womb, many twins find this practice soothing. But it's a habit you might want to keep only until the babies are around three months or so; that's when they will start moving around more and might knock into each other or wake each other up).

Keep them in the same room. After you move them into separate cribs, keep them in the same room -- and make sure they can see each other. This will be calming and soothing for the both of them.

Put them down drowsy, but awake. You don't want to encourage any sleep crutches -- especially with twins. Rocking or feeding a baby to sleep might seem harmless, but if your little ones get too used to it, they'll need it every time they wake up in the middle of the night (and with twins, that could be a lot). The goal is to teach them how to get themselves to sleep on their own.

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