Use this list as a guide on what you'll need during your hospital stay when you have your baby.

By Linda Diproperzio
June 11, 2015

Loungewear/pj's: Chances are you'll want to get out of that standard hospital gown and into some comfy clothes ASAP. It's a good idea to bring two or three of these outfits with you in case you wind up staying longer than anticipated or anything is soiled from bleeding after birth.

Slippers and socks: You'll need slippers for walking around your room or in the hospital halls; socks in case your room is cold.

Bathrobe: It will keep you warm in your room and is perfect when getting out of the shower.

Underwear: The hospital usually supplies new moms with mesh (and disposable) undies, but you might be more comfortable in your own. Have a few pairs on hand just in case.

Nursing bra, pads, and tops: The bra and tops are comfy for new moms, regardless of whether they're breastfeeding.

Sanitary napkins:The hospital will provide these to you, but if you prefer a certain brand, you can bring them along.

Toiletries: Bring travel-size soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and lotion for your hands and body. It's doubtful that you'll have time to wash and dry your hair, but pack shampoo and conditioner. Lip balm is a good thing to add to your bag also, as lips can get dry during and after labor.

Cellphone and charger: You'll need to notify relatives of your little one's arrival, send photos by text, or update your Facebook page.

Going-home outfit: You'll want something comfy to wear -- and in the right size. Unlike some celebrities, you probably won't be in your pre-pregnancy clothes right after giving birth, so bring along some maternity sweats and shirts that will be sure to fit.

Baby items: The hospital will supply everything you need -- diapers, blankets, caps -- for your stay. You can pack baby's going-home outfit in your bag, or have your husband bring it to you when you're both ready to be discharged. And don't forget the car seat!

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