How to Introduce Your Baby to the Water

Follow these pointers to keep learning to swim safe and fun.


You wanna make sure your baby be swimming as safe and fun so pick the right time and place for your first venture into the pool. Going in the morning increases your chances that there will be fewer people in the water plus your baby will hopefully be well rested from a good night sleep. You may feel nervous the first time you bring your baby into the water but try to put on a brave face. Your child can sense your mood so if you seem like you're having fun she'll try to follow your lead. Before getting in the pool try dipping your baby's toes into the water so she can get used to the feel of it on her skin as well as the temperature. Once you're in the pool stay where you can stand comfortably and hold on to your baby at all times even if you are in the kiddie pool always remain within arm's reach. Remember to make the experience fun too, bring a water proof toy in with you or play a game such as motor boat. Hold your baby under her arms and swing her back and forth while singing motor boat, motor boat go so slow. If your baby is comfortable with that pick up the pace and sing motor boat, motor boat step on the gas. If she gets upset get out. It might be that she's just not ready yet. If that's the case wait a month or so and then try again.

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