Simple steps to wake Baby up and help him to be more alert when needed.

woman holding baby
Credit: Buff Strickland

Unwrap the burrito! If Baby is swaddled, taking him out of the blanket is sure to wake him up because his arms and feet will have room to move. Swaddling helps Baby sleep, so making him a bit less comfortable can keep him from dozing off.

Sit him up. Putting your baby on your lap in an upright position will help make him more alert. Be sure to always support his head and back.

Talk. Keep baby focused on you by talking, singing, or reading to him. Your child loves hearing your voice so he won't want to miss a single word.

Tickle! A little gentle tickling can get baby up and raring to go. The bottoms of your little one's feet are a good place to start.

Play! Engaging baby in any type of play is a great way to keep him alert. Break out some of his favorite toys or stuffed animals to get and maintain his attention.

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