Feeding two babies at once can be a challenge, but these tips can make both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding simple and stress-free.


Take turns. Feeding your baby is a bonding experience for the both of you, so if it's possible, try not to feed them at the same time. This will give you some one-on-one time with each of them.

Try tandem feeding. Of course, nursing newborns is a challenge because they need to eat so often, so you might want to feed them at the same time to cut the feeding time in half.

For breast feeding moms:

Consult a lactation expert. Figuring out the best position for you and the babies can be tricky, so don't hesitate to ask a pro for help. The hospital where you deliver your babies should have someone available to assist you, and there are lactation consultants that will come to your home for a fee.

Buy a double nursing pillow. These will support two babies while you breastfeed. You might also want a comfy pillow to put behind you (remember, all three of you should be comfortable).

Find the right hold. Two that are recommended by many moms of twins are the double football hold, where you place each baby on the pillow with his feet pointing to the back of the chair or toward the head of the bed, and the double cradle hold, where the babies are crossed in an X position in front of your body. Each baby's head should be in the crook of an arm, and their bodies should be crossing

For bottle-feeding moms:

Find a comfy spot. The bed or the couch will work best. Place each baby on the nursing pillow (or you can use separate pillows or a Boppy for each) so that your hands are free for feeding. Each baby's head to be slightly elevated (they shouldn't be lying flat on their backs).

Put them in their car seats. This is also a good option for keeping your hands free during feedings.

Don't stress. Tandem feeding doesn't work out for everyone. Sometimes one baby will be fussy or might even have feeding issues. Just stay calm and simply change your game plan.

Ask for help. If both babies are hungry at the same time -- and tandem feeding isn't working -- don't be shy about asking for help. If you're breastfeeding, you can pump milk and have your spouse, parent, or babysitter bottle-feed one of the babies.

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