These snip strategies will keep Baby calm during his first haircut.

Credit: Alexandra Grablewski

Choose the best time. You don't want to attempt this task when Baby is cranky or fussy, so schedule it for his happiest time of the day. Whether it's when he first wakes up in the morning or right after a feeding, make sure it's a calm time so you're both not stressed.

Have the right tools. You'll need a small pair of scissors or clippers (moms of boys might prefer an electric trimmer that has multiple settings so you can choose exactly how much to buzz off). Have a spray bottle to dampen baby's hair, a comb, and a towel on hand.

Get backup. If Baby is squirmy (and most are), it's best to do this when there's someone else around to help keep your little one still. You'll need both hands for the haircut, so don't try to hold your baby with one hand and snip with the other.

Start from the top. You might have to do this in stages if your little one gets too cranky, so trim her bangs first. This way, even if you have to stop soon after, the hair is out of her eyes. Then you can proceed to do the sides and back when you're ready.

Go with a pro (if necessary). If this is turning too stressful for you, head to your nearest kid-friendly salon. Many are decorated with toy cars for baby to sit in, TVs and games to keep them distracted during the cut, and of course, lollipops when it's time go.

Save a memento. Have your spouse take video or photos of the moment, and don't forget to set aside a lock of hair for your child's baby book.