Parents reader, new mom, and photographer Jamie Sachs ( shares her method for making adorable flower headbands for baby girls.

By Linda Diproperzio
July 15, 2014

What you need:

  • Plain or patterned double-faced satin ribbon (you can find great deals at
  • Felt
  • Nylon headband (you can buy an assortment from eBay and Etsy)
  • Buttons, beads, rhinestones, or other embellishments
  • Needle and thread (match the thread to the headband color)
  • Fabric glue

What to do:

To make the flower:

Sachs says that felt is the easier fabric to mold into a flower, but you can definitely use satin. She recommends using plain fabric (rather than patterned) for the rose because you won't be able to make out the pattern on a small rose. As baby gets older (and her face gets bigger) you can use a bigger rose for the band.

If it's easier, find a flower template online so that you can trace it on the felt or satin and cut out several flowers.

Lay one of the flower cutouts flat. Then fold the others in half, placing each one on top of the other at alternating angles. You can stitch each one to the other, using matching thread, or use fabric glue to keep them in place.

You can then add an embellishment to the center of the flower using fabric glue.

To put together the headband:

This is the easiest part: Simply sew or glue the flower to the nylon headband.

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