Q: I have a 2-week-old breastfed baby. When I wake up to feed in the middle of the night and in the morning, I'm engorged. But by the end of the day, my baby seems to be struggling to get enough to eat. Last night I even gave him a bottle of pumped milk. What can I do to get my supply up at the end of the day? Is it because I'm not napping? Or is there a supplement I should be taking? What's going on?

A: Milk supply is all about demand -- the more a baby feeds (both in amounts and frequency), the more milk your body makes.  Low milk supply can be a result of inadequate calorie intake (breastfeeding moms should eat at least 500 additional calories more than what is already recommended for certain ages), dehydration, physical stress, and certain medications (contraceptive pills that contain estrogen, some pain medications, and certain allergy medications).  Herbal supplements, such as Fen-U-Greek and Mother's Milk Tea, can increase your supply and the prescription medication, Reglan, can increase milk supply in most women.

Answered by Dr. Marra Francis