What's the best breast pump to buy?

Q: I need help choosing a breast pump. I pumped and formula fed my first son, and now we are having another baby. I want to try breastfeeding, but I also want to pump. I may go back to work and I want to make sure Daddy and Baby get time together. I do want to pump quickly on both breasts if possible, but I don't want to spend more than 100 dollars. The last pump I bought two years ago was Evenflo Comfort Select, and although it did pump two breasts, only one pump was able to fill the bottle.

A: Good breast pumps that work quickly and allow double-sided pumping are going to cost you more than $100.00, unless you find one on eBay or at a second-hand baby store. Medela makes very good and portable breast pumps, and their website has information on where you can rent instead of buy them. Also check with the lactation consultants at the hospital you are delivering you baby -- some hospitals can rent you a pump.

Answered by Dr. Marra Francis

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