Checklist: How to Teach Baby to Use a Sippy Cup

Drinking from a cup takes practice. Here are tips to help your baby try to drink from a sippy cup.

___ First, go shopping! Pick up some plastic cups that have a wide base and a handle on each side, which makes them easier for your little guy to grasp and set down.

___ Start with just an ounce or two of fluid. If it's too heavy or unwieldy, baby might not want to bother with it.

___ Let him try breast milk or formula first. It's sweeter and tastier to babies than water or juice--and will give him an added incentive to sip.

___ Show him what to do: Sit down with your own sippy cup and let him mimic you drinking from it.

___ If baby plays with it instead of drinking from it, let him. At least he's showing an interest. He'll soon learn it's not just a toy--that there's actually yummy stuff inside.

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