11 Totally Unrealistic Stock Photos of Breastfeeding Moms

We wish breastfeeding could be this glamorous and carefree...but it's not.

11 Totally Unrealistic Stock Photos of Breastfeeding Moms

1. Go ahead and stare, college girls. These boobs will be yours some day.

mother breastfeeding baby on beach Shutterstock

2. Hurry up, honey! We don't want to miss Baby and Johnny's last dance at Kellerman's! 

mom breastfeeding in white dress Shutterstock

3. I like to be as isolated as possible when I nurse—preferably in the middle of a meadow. 

mom breastfeeding in meadow Shutterstock

4. Isn't it wonderful how my two older children remain patient while I'm breastfeeding? They don't interrupt us, or ask me for a single thing! 

mom breastfeeding with two older children Shutterstock

5. Breastfeeding in this field of lavender really masks the smell of my baby's dirty diaper.

breastfeeding in lavender field Shutterstock 

6. If I just play along a little longer, soon we'll be able to escape from this cult.

breastfeeding in cult Shutterstock

7. Did you see me in La Leche League's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream

breastfeeding play Shutterstock

8. Oh, sure, lean in.

working mom breastfeeding on couch Shutterstock

9. How many 'likes' did my last breastfeeding selfie get?

texting while breastfeeding Shutterstock

10. Whoever said breastfeeding could be stressful didn't do it like THIS.

Mother breastfeeding newborn baby girl in candlelit bath with flowers Karan Kapoor/Getty Images

11. Breastfeeding while wearing a flower crown? That's so Coachella.

mother breastfeeding her baby in nature wearing flower crown Shutterstock