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How to Get a Good Breastfeeding Latch
To the uninitiated, breastfeeding seems like a piece of cake: Place baby on boob, do crossword puzzles for the next 20 minutes, repeat. But for many of us moms, this natural act is anything but second nature. Luckily, help is just a touchscreen away. We rounded up some of the best nursing apps for new moms; whether you have burning questions about milk supply or need to find a spot to nurse alfresco, take a look.


Price: Free

Consider latchME your one-stop breastfeeding shop. Its treasure trove of tips and videos will help you sort out topics like cracked nipples and baby?s weight gain, while a community of moms are on hand to field questions or offer support. One of the coolest features? A breastfeeding spot locator, which directs you to areas with nursing essentials like comfy chairs, changing tables, sinks, and outlets.

Breastfeeding Central

Price: $3.99

Sometimes simple is best, especially when your brain feels like mush from waking up every few hours to feed. Which is why new mamas are downloading this no-frills app in droves. Breastfeeding Central, created by Beverly Rae, a mom of five and an international board-certified lactation consultant, is broken down into six categories, including prepping for breastfeeding, surviving the first six months with baby, and going back to work. Articles are short but chock-full of helpful info, giving you exactly what you need to solve your nursing problems. And if your problem requires a pro, you can use the app to find a certified expert near you.

Glow Nurture

Price: Free

This popular pregnancy app stays with you through the swinging hormones and nursing woes of the fourth trimester. Besides daily health tips and some 200 articles offering postpartum support, there?s a breastfeeding log so you know exactly when and how often baby is feeding. When you need a little extra support, tap into a community of new moms who probably have the same questions you do.

Doctors on Demand

Price: App is free; $40 for a 25-minute session or $70 for a 50-minute session

Let?s face it: If you?re home with a newborn and dealing with a painful case of plugged ducts, the last thing you feel like doing is driving to your doctor?s office and waiting to be seen. Enter Doctors on Demand, a health-care service founded by Oprah?s BFF Dr. Phil that offers new moms video visits with board-certified lactation consultants. (Just make an appointment using the companion app.) The Skype-esque platform means an expert can watch you nurse, inspect you or Baby if needed, and then give you practical solutions to make breastfeeding easier. All without your having to change out of pajamas.


Price: $3.99

Doctors at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center have officially taken the guesswork out of which medicines are okay to take while you?re nursing. They compiled safety ratings on more than 20,000 drugs and OTC meds and made the info searchable by product name or category. (You can also scan a bottle?s barcode if you?re too pooped to type.) Plus, there are lists of breastfeeding-friendly drugs to help you tackle common woes like headaches, nausea, or allergies.

Make breastfeeding easier by mastering the latch.

Having trouble getting Baby to latch onto your breast? Watch out video for tips on how to get him nursing in no time.

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