You have to see photos of this mama breastfeeding in difficult yoga poses.


Meet Carlee Benear, the breastfeeding mom who can seemingly nurse her baby in just about any yoga pose. Benear's Instagram feed features shots of the mama assuming a whole range of challenging contortions—and we're not just impressed by her flexibility and strength, we're also sort of mesmerized by the way she continues to breastfeed no matter how complicated her pose is.

The 29-year-old mother struggled with postpartum depression after she gave birth to her first child, and when she became pregnant for the second time, she knew she'd do everything in her power to avoid going through depression again. Benear turned to exercise...but quickly realized it would be tough to juggle her role as a mom with her new workout regimen. "As my second child grew older, it became more challenging for me to make it out of the house," she says. "I enjoy being a home body. I still needed an activity to help me work off the frustrations that come along with parenting. So, I decided to try yoga...My journey with yoga caught fire, it is something that makes me happy. Its also something that my children enjoy."

Benear's breastfeeding photos aren't just impressive to look at, they also represent her incredible bond with her children. "It reminded me how much my kids loved me and how important I was to them," she said of looking at the photos. "Finding that release helped me find confidence as a parent and in turn helped me build confidence in my children. For me it was yoga that sent us all on a journey of self-discovery. I think it's exciting to explore my potential, to learn about my body and what my mind is capable of. When I go back and look at my photos, I see strength. I see the courage it takes me to be a good parent. I see the woman my children see. A parent who is actively trying to be better every single day. I want my children to look back on those photos and find the urge to always try."

We've said it before and we'll say it again: It is so important for moms to continue taking care of themselves even after they welcome their children. We absolutely love that this mom found a way to nurture herself emotional and physically while still doing what is best for her baby.

Benear is vocal about the importance of finding this balance. Yoga is her personal savior, but she knows that every mom will find comfort in something different. "It doesn't have to be yoga, find what moves you inside and out," she said. "Do more of what you love."