The Etsy store "YourSassyGrandma" has more than one hilariously ugly, utilitarian option for nursing moms this holiday season. 

The holiday season wouldn't be complete without ugly Christmas sweaters! And that's a fact that Etsy sellers and couple Tyler and Sheri Wiseman know all too well. The pair runs a shop called "YourSassyGrandma," filled with "ugly, cute and sassy sweaters that you can hold your booze in or show some skin." And over the past couple of years, they've received viral acclaim for one of their sassiest options: the Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweater, which retails for $49.99. The look was praised around the internet as a humorous, but also utilitarian option for breastfeeding moms, and now, it's become something of a seasonal go-to, Sheri Wiseman tells

Ugly Christmas sweater for breastfeeding moms
Credit: Tyler & Sheri Wiseman/Etsy

"When we were creating it we hadn't planned on it becoming the 'international breastfeeding sweater,'" Wiseman explains. "It was made to be a funny and sexy alternative to your standard ugly Christmas sweater."

The timing of the design's debut was rather ironic. "Funny enough, I had just finished breastfeeding our youngest daughter when the sweater was made, and my breasts were in no condition to model the sweater, so we had to find someone else to model it!" Wiseman explains.

But now that it's earned a reputation as the ugly Christmas sweater for nursing mothers, Wiseman feels compelled to point out a couple of caveats that parents ought to consider before buying the top. "We love that so many people are embracing it as a breastfeeding sweater, but the truth is the reindeer nose only sticks on one time without replacing the tape, and the eyes could be a choking hazard," she says. "If you stock up on fashion tape and make sure your baby doesn't pop one of the goggly eyes into her mouth, then, hey, why not?"

That said, Wiseman points out that she actually prefers this entire bust cut-out sweater as "a better breastfeeding option."

Ugly Christmas sweater for breastfeeding moms 2
Credit: Tyler & Sheri Wiseman/Etsy 

So, what she's telling us is that breastfeeding moms have multiple options for that ugly Christmas sweater party this year? Love it.