The Do's and Don'ts of Weaning

It's best to have a plan when weaning your little one. We tell you how to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you and your little one.


[NOISE] [MUSIC] Weening your baby from the breast can be just as difficult as well, potty training your toddler. Here are some dos and don't to help you with this process. First, go slowly. If you need to start bottle feeding, don't wean at the last minute. Instead, give yourself at least two weeks. Start by skipping one breast feeding at least every three to four days, and substitute with a bottle. You can drop the feedings that your baby prefers least. As an added bonus, going slowly also means your breasts will feel less engorged and painful. Second: don't rule out partial weaning. You and your baby don't have to quit breast feeding cold turkey. Have your tyke drink from a bottle in the morning and from your breast in the evening. This way, you get a break from nursing and your baby can still feel the comfort of your breast. Third show your baby some extra love. Since you're decreasing one physical bond stay connected to your body with increased playtime and extra hugs and kisses. And finally avoid weaning your baby during times of transition like moving houses or big milestones such as your baby learning to walk. This is already a big step for your little one, so no need to add more changes to the mix. After all, timing is everything. [MUSIC]

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