Breastfeeding Problems

As rewarding as breastfeeding can be, sometimes it can be difficult and even downright painful. Learn how to deal with common breastfeeding problems including engorgement, and more.

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Parents With PTSD Are More Likely to Struggle With Breastfeeding
For birthing parents with pre-existing post-traumatic stress disorder, the road to breastfeeding isn't as smooth as you might have been led to believe, yet no one is talking about it. Here's what new parents should know.
Cluster Feeding and Newborns: A Guide for Parents
Does your baby seem to get ravenous in the evening hours, nursing several times in short succession? You’re probably dealing with cluster feeding. Here’s what to know about the normal newborn phenomenon.
I Got Nipple Thrush From Breastfeeding And This Is What It Feels Like
Oral thrush is very common. But did you know the fungal infection can also appear on the nipples? Here is everything you need to know about how the condition affects nursing mothers.
The Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Sore Nipples
Learn about five common causes of nipple pain, and what you can do to treat sore nipples while breastfeeding.
Moms' Pictures of Mastitis Go Viral for an Important Reason
Moms are sharing photos of mastitis—and they are raising an important point about a breastfeeding issue that's rarely mentioned.
Why You Might Get a Breast Abscess While Breastfeeding & How to Treat It
Everything you need to know about having a breast abscess: risk factors, prevention, causes, and treatment.

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Cancer Survivor Posts 'No Breastfeeding Zone' in Hospital Room to Prevent Criticism
When breast cancer survivor Meghan Koziel gave birth to her miracle baby, she didn't feel like re-living her medical history for each hospital staffer, so she made this incredible sign instead. 
Whitney Port Gets Real About How Freakin' Hard Breastfeeding Can Be
New mom Whitney Port just shared a video about her breastfeeding struggles, and it's raw, real and so relatable.
This Breastfeeding Photo Is an Important Reminder That Every Baby Is Different

Mom blogger Lola K's Instagram post reminds moms that your breastfeeing experiences with your second baby might be wildly different from your first—and that's okay!