Breastfeeding Problems

As rewarding as breastfeeding can be, sometimes it can be difficult and even downright painful. Learn how to deal with common breastfeeding problems including engorgement, and more.

After Newborn Died From Dehydration, Breastfeeding Mom Shares Her Heartbreaking Story

This first-time mom didn't know her baby wasn't getting any milk during his first three days of life, and she's opening up about her extremely rare but devastating experience.

Avoid the Most Common Breastfeeding Problems

Nursing? No problem! We've got smart ways to steer clear of the most common breastfeeding nuisances.

4 Facts About Inverted or Flat Nipples

How inverted or flat nipples can affect breastfeeding.

Mom's Refreshingly Honest Post Explains Why 'I Wish I Never Breastfed My Baby'

Australian reality TV star Maddi Wright shared her struggle about choosing to breastfeed her baby and how it affected her as a parent.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Breastfeeding

When breastfeeding works well, Mom and Baby are happy and thriving. But almost every new mother experiences some discomfort along the way. Check out our tips, techniques, and cool products to help ensure a smooth and comfortable nursing experience.

All About Engorgement

As uncomfortable as breast engorgement can be, swollen, hard, and throbbing breasts after delivery mean you're overflowing with breast milk and ready to feed your baby.

Mom Captures Public Breastfeeding Shaming Incident on Facebook Live Video

This latest public breastfeeding shaming experience is a great reminder to mamas to know your rights when it comes to feeding your baby!

7 Finicky Eater Solutions

If your baby has become a finicky eater, don't fret. We've got solutions to your mealtime problems.

This Mom's Confession About Breastfeeding Challenges Is Everything

A California mom gets real about her breastfeeding problems in an amazing Instagram post.

When to Call a Lactation Consultant

If nursing isn't working, don't give up--get in touch with a lactation consultant, who can help. Here's how.

Nurse Your Body!

Breastfeeding can be a real pain. (Literally!) We asked a team of experts how to deal with aches and more.

Biting While Breastfeeding

There's not a breastfeeding mom out there who doesn't fear the accidental chomp of her baby's new teeth, which usually appear between 4 and 7 months old. For help keeping the bites at bay, keep reading.

This Mom Had the Best Response (& So Did Target!) After She Was Berated for Breastfeeding

A nursing mom found a lot of unexpected support when she stood up to a breastfeeding bully.

Nursing Roadblocks

Here's how to overcome common nursing problems and keep on breastfeeding.

7 Things NOT to Say to a Breastfeeding Mom

Thinking about making a comment -- or asking a question -- about breastfeeding to your sister, your BFF, or the lady across from you at the coffee shop? For the love of all the nursing mamas in the world, read this first.

How to Avoid Breast Engorgement

Learn how to reduce the pain of engorged breasts, a common conditions many breastfeeding mothers deal with.

Natural Breastfeeding Remedies: Do They Work?

Breastfeeding is natural, but it's not easy. Mastitis, engorgement, plugged ducts, low supply -- the potential hiccups are many and they can hurt, which is why some moms will try almost anything to get relief. From cabbage leaves to cold potatoes, these 11 natural breastfeeding remedies claim to make nursing more comfortable. Find out which ones are worth trying!

Pain-Free Breastfeeding

Breast feeding isn't supposed to hurt, but that doesn't mean it can't. If you are experiencing pain while nursing, it may be attributable to one of these (totally fixable) reasons.

The 'Girls' Finale Paints an Imperfect (and Totally Realistic) Picture of Motherhood

Lena Dunham's popular HBO series wraps up as character Hannah struggles with the challenges of new motherhood.

3 Heroic Moms Taking on Public Breastfeeding Shamers

These activists join the growing chorus of nursing moms who want the world to accept a simple idea: Feeding their children in public is natural--and can even be powerful.

The (Surprising) No. 1 Reason Moms Don't Have Breastfeeding Success

Would you believe lack of preparation may be to blame for why many women don't succeed at their breastfeeding goals?

Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions

4 common breastfeeding discomforts and how to treat them.

Solutions to Common Challenges

Breast certainly is best, as the mantra goes, but for many new moms, nursing is much, much harder than the literature would have us believe. Fortunately, breast-feeding usually gets easier as time goes on. Here's a roundup of common problems and real-life solutions to help you stay the course.

This Breastfeeding Photo Is an Important Reminder That Every Baby Is Different

Mom blogger Lola K's Instagram post reminds moms that your breastfeeing experiences with your second baby might be wildly different from your first--and that's okay!

Breastfeeding in Public: Know Your Legal Rights

Planning to nurse your baby whenever and wherever? Read this first!

Your Breastfeeding Diet

Could your diet be to blame for your baby's fussiness?