Moms on Reddit Share Their Funniest Breastfeeding Nicknames

When one mom on Reddit shared that her husband calls her "the snack that smiles back," others chimed in with their breastfeeding nicknames.

New Mom Holds Her Infant to Her Chest
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Breastfeeding is an impressive and, at times, an all-consuming task to undertake for the love of your child. And so it only makes sense that your identity might change slightly to acknowledge the fact that you're literally feeding a tiny human with only your body.

That's what happened to Reddit user NativeLady1, as she wrote on the social media site recently. "My husband called me the 'snack that smiles back,'" she shared, "as I was getting ready to feed the baby. (If you don't know it's a reference to the goldfish jingle.)"

Then she polled the rest of the subreddit r/breastfeeding: "Anyone else got a breastfeeding nickname?"

Turns out, yes. Lots of parents out there are answering to milky monikers and the ones they shared are pretty hilarious. Here are some of our favorites:

1. The Milk Truck & the Breast Buffet

WiggleWormDelux says she's called "The Milk Truck" and Jmich531 says she sometimes goes by "the breast buffet."

2. Swim-Up Bar

Tielandboxer says, "My son likes to pull up to the couch and stand up to nurse while I'm laying down." Hence she's the "swim-up bar."

3. Hairy & Dairy

Sarah-normal says, "My husband has waist-length hair and a beard and is fuzzy all over... so we’re Hairy and Dairy."

4. The Dairy Queen & the Milkmaid

Mrs_Jellybean shared this royal moniker, while Jmich531 said she is the milkmaid.

5. Straight From the Tap

Westelizabetha wrote that her kiddo can "Get it 'straight from the tap,' buddy."

6. Moo Cow

TFA_Gamecock says "I'm Mommy Moo Cow." And others also shared that they're also known as "moo cow" in their homes.

7. Booby Lady

Jane_allgoode says, "I was called 'pretty lady' for years, so I feel this is the natural progression."

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