Find the Best Breast Pump for You

Here are a few things to consider before you purchase a new breast pump.


-Hi. I'm Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine. I'm here to talk about how you can choose a breast pump. If you're gonna be pumping milk frequently for your baby, a double electric pump is probably your best tool for the job. It works both sides at once and it works on a motor so it's really fast and efficient. The only problem with the double electric breast pump, it does cost several hundred dollars. So if you're not completely sure you're gonna pump or you're not completely committed to pumping at work, you might wanna look into renting a double electric from the hospital where you can pay by the month. There's another option and that's a battery operated pump but doesn't work as smoothly all the time as a motorized pump but it does save you money. And the third kind of pump is a manual pump. This is the kind of pump that you use just on one side at a time and you can do the pumping yourself but it's completely quite and discreet. You can really even be great if you just wanna take an evening away from your baby. You might wanna consider having it a double electric for work as well as the manual for times when you're away in the evening. Ans so those are some things you wanna think about when you're thinking about buying a breast pump.

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