Breast Pumping Made Easy

Planning to express your breast milk? Set yourself up for success with these time-saving tips.


-Hi, I'm Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine, and I'm here to give you some pumping time savers. If you're gonna be pumping breast milk frequently for your baby, you're gonna probably wanna invest on a double electric breast pump. It's simply the most efficient machine for the job. It works both sides at once and because it's electric, it's efficient. You're gonna want your pump to live wherever you pump most frequently. So that's probably your work place, or your car, so you always have it when you drive to work. If you'll be pumping at home and at work, you'll probably wanna have a pump in each place just so you're never stuck without it. And for the duration of the time that you are pumping mom, you're gonna wanna wear separates, a separate top and bottom or assert the buttons down the front, as well as nursing bra, so that you can finish everything in about 20 or 30 minutes, it's what you're gonna need for a pumping session. So you go into the room where you're gonna pump and settle down. Part of pumping is physical, but part of it is also mental. And being able to relax and think about your baby will help you with let down and help you get more milk. The part of your anxiety about pumping is that somebody might walk in on you. You can use something like a nursing cover to cover up while you relax and nurse, or pump. You might get a couple ounces, you might fill a whole bottle, it doesn't really matter, what matters is that you did it. You're gonna take your milk and put in the cooler, that comes with the pump, and stash this in the refrigerator or in your office. Maybe set a note on your phone or on your computer, so you remember to take the milk home at the end of the day. And congratulate yourself that you made some meals for your baby.

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