Love it or hate it, if you're pumping breastmilk, you're likely spending a lot of time each day attached to a battery-powered contraption. So what goes through your mind as you sit and listen to that whirring? We asked Parents readers on Facebook to tell us what they really think when they're pumping. 


If you're like most moms we know, you've got a love-hate relationship with your breast pump. That double-electric doodad helps you eek out every ounce of breast milk and keep nursing after your maternity leave ends—and that's a good thing! But pretty much everything else, from the noise to the nipple stretch? Not so much. We asked Parents readers on Facebook to get honest and tell us what they really think when they're pumping. Here's what they said:

1. “I wish it was my baby nursing instead of this noisy machine.” —Creanda Brulse

2. "I should have played something on Netflix on my phone before I started. … Would my friend think it was weird if I called her right now? … Why are they turning purple?!” —Reeva Faia

3. “2 ounces, 3 ounces, more. How much will we get?!” —Trishawna Hayes

4. "Boy it'd be nice to have one of those bralette things so I don't have to hold these bottles to my breasts and can actually use my hands." —Brittany Abbott

5. "This is taking forever." —Zahajama K Rellez Alameida

6. “I WANT MY BOOBS BACK.” —Marianna Hulett-Cooper

7. "Does this mean I don't have to go to the gym today? I probably burned more calories.” —Diane Catherine OConnor

8. "It's only 15 minutes ...10 more minutes... 5 more minutes... No, don't stop early, you only have 2 more minutes... Finally done... Crap, now I have to wash these... Ugh!" Anastasia Nelko Ellis

9. "GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!! THIS CRAP HURTS!!!!!!!" —Karida Green

10. “Show me the liquid gold!!!” —Erica Catherine

11. "Please god don't let someone at work be oblivious that my office door is closed for a reason." —Margeaux Egorova

12. “It’s amazing this is food for my child and I am providing it for my children.” —Jennifer Osowski

13. “This is Hans and this is Franz and we are here to pump you up.” —Katie Messier

14. "If only I could breastfeed my baby at work instead of pumping." —Danalys Nazario

15. “My body was created perfectly to be able to nurse my babies.” —Mary Gessner Padley

16. “That's it?! And I'll have to do this again in 2 hours.” —Shnannon Malbo

17. "Please don't let the kids need something!" —Sheri Garvey

18. "Holy sh*t it feels good to sit down." —Ann Marie Studer

19. "Wow, this must be how a cow feels." —Jessica Bergen

20. "Is it normal for my nipples to stretch that far?" —Chelsea Siragusa

21. "I've been pumping for like everrrrr. I'm boredddd. There HAS to be at least 7 ounces from each boob by now. [look down] ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Not even two full ounces yet!!!?!?! Oh. It's only been 3 minutes." —Mandie Smith Waagner

22. “Stupid left boob can never produce like the right.” —Carolyn R. Smith

23. “Why am I not making more?!” —Beth Belden

24. "Whoa, look at the way that one stream just shoots out at that funky angle.” —Jodi Ouellette

25. “Don’t spill. Please” —Melissa Scotti