Breast Pumping

Moms that recently gave birth breast pump for the purpose of storing milk to give to their baby when they're not around. Learn all about breast pumping, including how to use a pump, which one to use, and much more.

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Teacher Mom Told She Was 'Tattling' For Complaining When a Student Walked in on Her in the Pumping Room

This Reddit mom's colleague confronted her after a student walked in while she was pumping—not to apologize for giving the student access to the locked room, but to berate her for "tattling" on him about it.

This Is What the Ultimate Office Pumping Room Looks Like & Why It Matters

Experts in the architecture and design world are joining forces with employed moms to ensure lactation rooms become the norm in every workplace. Here's what they should look like.

How to Pump Breast Milk While Driving

Is it safe to pump breast milk while driving? It depends who you ask. Here's how one mom does it and what you should know if you're thinking about trying it.

7 Bottle Feeding Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Worried about nipple confusion? Try these smart strategies to help bottle feeding and breastfeeding work well together.

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How to Hand Express Breast Milk

Hand expressing breast milk is an essential skill all breastfeeding moms should have in their arsenal—and it's easier than you might think.

Ex-KFC Employee Awarded More Than $1.5 Million in Breastfeeding Discrimination Case

A jury sided with Delaware mom Autumn Lampkins, who filed a lawsuit alleging that co-workers and supervisors made it so hard for her to pump breast milk during her shifts that her supply dried up.

Mom Breast Pumps While Running an Ironman to Hit Her Goal Time: 'I Just Didn't Want to Stop'

An Air Force Sergeant and mom of two decided to breast pump while running an Ironman to get a personal record.