Breast Pumping

Moms that recently gave birth breast pump for the purpose of storing milk to give to their baby when they're not around. Learn all about breast pumping, including how to use a pump, which one to use, and much more.

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This Uniform Nursing Shirt Makes Breastfeeding Easier For Military Moms

Thanks to the perseverance of multiple military mothers and the creation of properly designed uniforms, breastfeeding service members will no longer feel pressured to step into the bathroom or car to pump.

This Is What the Ultimate Office Pumping Room Looks Like & Why It Matters

Experts in the architecture and design world are joining forces with employed moms to ensure lactation rooms become the norm in every workplace. Here's what they should look like.

Breast Pump Pointers: Your Ultimate Pumping Guide

Thanks to pumping, your baby can benefit from your breast milk when you're not around. Here's how to get the hang of using a breast pump. 

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Is it safe to pump breast milk while driving? It depends who you ask. Here's how one mom does it and what you should know if you're thinking about trying it.

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Exclusive Pumping: The Scoop on Schedules, Milk Supply and Tips for Success

When nursing isn't working, there is an option besides formula: your breast pump. Real mothers talk about the highs, lows, and logistics of exclusively pumping breast milk so you know what to expect.