Could This Drink From Starbucks Boost Your Breast Milk Supply?

Breastfeeding moms are reportedly heading to their local Starbucks locations to get a drink that may boost breast milk production. But is there anything to this?

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Everyone loves pink Starburst candies, so it's no surprise that a Starbucks drink that's reminiscent of the candy has developed a cult following. Fans order the brand's Strawberry Acai Refresher mixed with a bit of coconut milk, and the result has been dubbed the "Pink Drink," which you can find on the brand's permanent menu now.

It's a pretty delicious concoction, but if recent reports are any indication, taste may not be the only thing going for the popular order.

Lifehacker reported that a mom posted a shot of her breast milk-stained shirt in a breastfeeding support group on Facebook. According to her post, she's been producing much more milk than usual, and she believes the Pink Drink may be to thank for this. She's not the only one who sees a relationship: Other mamas have reportedly also seen increased milk production and are crediting Pink Drink with the boost.

This might sound crazy, but what you put into your body can reportedly affect milk supply—and dehydration can impede production, according to experts. Is the fact that this delicious drink may help mamas hydrate in a fun way behind the results it may be producing? Or is there something else at work here?

Some of the drink's ingredients—specifically acai berry and coconut milk—are rich in minerals that may support maternal health, according to Kathy Cline RN, MSN, CLC, director of program development and lactation services at Momseze. But as for the milk-boosting powers of the drink? Well, there's no confirmation...yet.

"Truth be told, no one knows for certain, though anecdotally the claims are mounting. There are a few things we do know for sure: Hydration and stress relief both support lactation. Sitting down, relaxing for a few minutes and enjoying a nice cool drink in and of itself is extremely helpful for a breastfeeding mother," Cline told Fit Pregnancy. "If you’d like to add the Pink Drink, it can’t hurt, especially on days when you can use mommy boost! Moms report that the drink is really delicious, so why not drink something that you love and that has great benefits?"

Our take? If you're struggling to produce enough breast milk, chatting with your doctor and enlisting the help of a lactation consultant may be more logical solutions. But, of course, if you want to drink a pink Starburst in liquid form, we certainly won't judge you for it—and hey, if you find yourself making more milk, well that's icing on the cake!

Have you found a relationship between something you eat or drink and increased milk supply?

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