Some major league ballparks have made an effort to make their stadiums more welcoming for nursing parents (or any parents, really!) who need to feed their baby.

By Britni de la Cretaz
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Being a nursing parent isn't always easy, especially when it comes to nursing in public. There's a lot to take into consideration—and nursing-friendliness can make or break a decision to partake in an activity. While, sure, it's perfectly acceptable and legal to feed your baby anywhere, not every parent wants to nurse in a super public place like a baseball stadium.

Luckily, in recent years, some major league ballparks have made an effort to make their stadiums more welcoming for nursing parents (or any parent, really, who needs to feed their baby). These ballparks have gone out of their way to let nursing parents know they're welcome.

1. The Lansinoh Nursing Lounge at Nationals Park

A mom started a petition asking for better nursing facilities from her beloved Washington Nationals and, in 2015, the team delivered. The Lansinoh Nursing Lounge in Section 223 boasts air-conditioning, TV, comfortable recliners, changing tables, electrical outlets, and a play space for toddlers. It's a cool and welcoming place to watch the game, feed your baby, and take a break from the noise and the heat.

2-5. Mamava Nursing Pods: Fenway Park, Oakland Coliseum, Citi Field, and Miller Park

Several ballparks have stopped short of creating full nursing suites, but they still provide private, cool space beyond a family restroom. The Boston Red Sox, Oakland A's, New York Mets, and Milwaukee Brewers all currently have Mamava lactation suites—small air-conditioned pods large enough for one parent and their little one(s). Parents can feed their baby, or pump breast milk, as there is an electrical outlet in the suite. Interestingly, several of the teams with Mamava nursing pods fail to mention them on their website, continuing to direct parents to family restrooms or first aid stations. It's hard to utilize something if you don't know it's there! At Miller Park, be sure to ask for the key at the Guest Relations desk located right next to the pod.

6. Sunrun Kids Clubhouse: Yankee Stadium

Prior to the 2017 season, Yankee Stadium got a bit of a facelift. One of the changes they made was building a kids space, with a giant playground. In the space, there is also a private room available for nursing parents, which includes a TV, outlets, and lounge chairs.

7. Pampers Nursing Suite: Great American Ballpark

The Cincinnati Reds built the nursing suite to end all nursing suites, opening the Pampers Nursing Suite in 2015. Located at Suite Level in the Champions Club, the space features gliders, a sink, ice and a refrigerator, a private bathroom, changing tables, and even lockers to store items like a pump or bottle bags during the game.

8-10. Nursing rooms: Orioles Park at Camden Yards, Progressive Field, Safeco Field

One of the less-known ballparks with nursing rooms is Camden Yards. There are private, air-conditioned nursing rooms on the Club Level of the Baltimore Orioles' park. The Seattle Mariners and Cleveland Indians also have private rooms that nursing parents can use.


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