Breastfeeding turns your girls into hardworking (and awe-inspiring!) superheroes. Check out these fun facts about how your tatas transform into the ultimate feeding machines.


You may have noticed that your breasts underwent some surprising changes when you were pregnant, but what's in store for your girls now that Baby's here? Here's what to expect when it comes to your chest.

1. Weight, What?

Your breasts can gain up to 2 pounds each to prep for feeding your baby.

2. Right On!

Almost 3/4 of moms make more milk with their right breast than their left. It has nothing to do with being left- or right-handed.

3. Feel the Burn

Feeding your baby eats up to 600 calories per day—helping you trim that baby weight faster.

4. Self Care

Rub breastmilk on your sore nipples. It contains infection fighters and anti inflammatory properties that can help you heal.

5. Bigger Isn't Better

Large breasts don't produce more milk than small breasts.

6. Oil Pumps

Those prominent bumps that grew on your nipples are Montgomery's tubercles. They produce natural moisturizers to protect your skin.

7. Like a Sieve

Breastmilk sprays out of more than one hole in the nipple. The amount of holes varies from mom to mom.

8. Milk Machine

Texan Alyse Ogletree scored the world record for most breastmilk donated—53,081 ounces (or 2,654 Venti Starbucks cups!).

9. Always Ready

Your breasts are constantly making milk. (So your baby will always be able to find some!)