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There's a lot to learn about the basics of breastfeeding a baby. Discover the benefits of breastfeeding, best breastfeeding positions, and more. Also be sure to check out our section on Breastfeeding Tips and Breast Pumping.

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How Many Calories Breastfeeding Burns and What It Means for Losing Weight
You've heard that breastfeeding torches calories — but exactly what kind of calorie burn are we talking about here? And what does that mean for postpartum weight loss? Here's what you need to know.
No, You Don't Need to Dilute Your Pumped Milk After Drinking Alcohol
The idea that women need to "pump and dump" their breastmilk after drinking alcohol has long been disputed by science. But now, moms are diluting their milk with previously pumped breastmilk from when they didn't have a drink. Here's why "pumping and diluting" is also unnecessary.
Breastfeeding With Implants: What New Moms Should Know
Find out what the experts say about your ability to nurse a newborn with breast implants, plus how breastfeeding can impact your implants.
Breastfeeding Mom "Squirted" Milk at a Woman Who Asked Her to Nurse in Private
After a post about the incident went viral, locals defended the breastfeeding mother. As one person wrote, "The only shameful thing she did was waste milk on you."
7 Breastfeeding Tips for Fussy-at-the-Breast Babies
Is your baby balking at your breast? Try these tips to make breastfeeding easier for you and your baby
Overactive Letdown: Can a Baby Choke on Breast Milk?
One woman's scary story sheds light on a common (and potentially dangerous) breastfeeding problem: overactive, or forceful, letdown.

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Steve Harvey's Wife Criticized for Video of Granddaughters "Breastfeeding" Dolls
The doting grandma had a perfect response to the Instagram users who said the girls' pretend play was "inappropriate."  
4 Things That Can Decrease Your Milk Supply
Want to keep your breast milk flowing? Avoid these foods, medications and herbs which can all reduce your breast milk supply.

Breastfeeding Mom Sues Texas Roadhouse After Manager Tries to Cover Her with a Napkin: ‘I Was Shocked’

A mom of a newborn is suing Texas Roadhouse after the restaurant manager tried to cover her with a napkin while she breastfed.