Both you and your baby benefit from breastfeeding but it can be hard work. Here you'll learn how to breastfeed your baby and get expert breastfeeding tips. You'll also learn about breast milk, breast pumping, and when it's time to start weaning.

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Racial Disparities Exist in Breastfeeding Rates for Black Moms

Raising awareness about the history of Black breastfeeding and the factors that contribute to low rates of Black mothers breastfeeding is an important way to close the gap.

Moms on Reddit Share Their Funniest Breastfeeding Nicknames

When one mom on Reddit shared that her husband calls her "the snack that smiles back," others chimed in with their breastfeeding nicknames.

Breastfeeding Expert Uses Wine Glasses to Show How Much Milk Babies Get With Each Feed

Wondered how much milk Baby is getting throughout a feed? Here's the difference between the letdown, rhythmic sucking, and flutter stages of breastfeeding.

How Long Should You Breastfeed? As Long As You Can

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have recommended timelines for breastfeeding, only one-third of moms actually follow them. Find out more about how long you should breastfeed your baby—and why formula is also a great option if you can't nurse.

A Crash Course in Breastfeeding Laws for New Moms

State and federal governments are looking out for nursing parents in more ways than ever before. From jury duty requirements to pumping in public, here are the laws protecting breastfeeding mothers in the U.S. you need to know.

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12 Best Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

If you're a nursing mom, add these healthy breastfeeding superfoods to your diet to get the nutrients you need.

8 Surprising Things That Can Affect Your Breast Milk Supply

Dealing with a low breast milk supply? Herbs, spices, and allergy meds are just a few of the things that can affect breast milk production.

I Tried Meditating to Increase My Milk Supply And I Think It Worked

After six months of breastfeeding, my milk supply started dwindling. I figured I'd try breastfeeding while meditating, something I heard could help with my issue. As it turns out, meditation was the solution I never knew I needed.