9 Cute Baby Photo Prop Ideas for Newborn Pictures

Let's face it, you've got enough to worry about during that first year with your baby, so if those "must have" monthly baby pictures aren't fun and easy, we don't blame you for skipping. Enter these photo ideas for capturing the cuteness of your growing newborn. All you need is a prop or two and an iPhone to pull them off—and a little patience, of course.

Project Nursery newborn photo
Photo: Project Nursery
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One and Done

etsy baby month sheet

One sheet. Tiny feet. For the minimalist momma, this is probably the easiest idea out there, and we love this product pick from Etsy.

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Holiday Flair

12 month baby photos

Let the holidays be your muse and theme each month's photo to a fun celebration. You don't have to limit yourself to just the big ones, either. Did you know April 22 is Jelly Bean Day?!

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Onesie? Donesie!

Daily Mom one year photo
Daily Mom

We love this concept from Daily Mom of reusing a single onesie each month as your baby grows. Once your cutie hits one (and is rocking that outfit like a busted can of biscuits) you'll have a hilarious memory you'll treasure forever.

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Cute as (Pizza) Pie

Consider this a cute photo idea as well as an excuse to order a pizza. Or twelve to be exact.

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Donut Forget

Doughnut or donut, no matter how you spell it, it's a "do!" Be sure to post your picture on Instagram with this steal-worthy caption of course: "We donut know what we'd do without you."

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Put Your Hands in the Air!

Little Meg baby photos
Little Meg

Not for the faint of arm, this idea from Little Meg has "party vibe" all over it.

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Nice Perspective

Pick a favorite big teddy, horsey, kitty (really, anything ending in y) and use it in your monthly picture to show how much your baby has grown week after week.

*Live animals are not recommended.

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Fun with Letter Boards

This one prop equals endless cute quote possibilities for all 12 months.

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Flower Power

Project Nursery newborn photo
Project Nursery

With enough living things to maintain at the moment, feel free to opt for fake flowers to copy this idea from Project Nursery. Just as pretty and even more simple.

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