The creators of Zumba have expanded the workout to include kiddos—and have given the workout a seriously cute new name: Zumbini. Here's the scoop, plus a few tips if you're interested in teaching a Zumbini class.


Mommy & Me classes have always been the ultimate bonding experience for new moms and their little ones. They're the perfect way to spend time with your babies while doing something healthy and fun, all without the stress of having to find a sitter. And now there's an interesting new music and movement option in the mix. It's Zumbini, AKA Zumba for babies.

That's right, Zumbini is a thing. It totally makes sense if you think about it—Zumba is already a pretty popular workout for moms, why not expand it to include the kiddos too? And of course, the creators have given the workout a seriously cute new name.

Here's everything parents need to know:

What is Zumbini?

Zumbini is a spin-off from the hips-don’t-lie workout Zumba and kids TV channel BabyFirst. It’s its own company, all focused on combining song, dance, and learning to create a one of a kind early childhood education program for parents and little ones from their first months to age 4.

"We know that meaningful bonding only happens when parents and their children have fun together," Zumbini CEO Jonathan Beda told "Thanks to our original music and unique curriculum, Zumbini classes are enjoyable for both the parent and child.”

It’s less focused on working up a sweat (although you’ll still be dancing around, sometimes with a kiddo in your arms) and instead hones in on education. Beda said, “While you're having fun with your little one, they are developing their cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skills at this critical age."

Find a Zumbini Class Near You

You can expect a mix of singing, dancing, peek-a-boo games and more in a Zumbini class. Billed as "happy hour for you and your baby," each class is 45-minute long and features a mix of music, dance and educational tools, including songs written just for Zumbini sessions. You can find a list of Zumbini classes near you on the Zumbini website here.

And get this: Not only can you and your mini me attend a live Zumbini session, but there's also an interactive TV show called "Zumbini Time," that's basically a shortened version of the class you can do at home on those days when you just can't seem to get it together and leave the house. Pretty cool, right? The show airs three times a day, every day.

Looking for a Side Hustle? Consider Becoming a Zumbini Teacher

Colette Wolsko has been teaching Zumbini for nearly three years and is a huge fan of the program. She shared what she’d tell other parents interested in teaching a Zumbini class.

"You do not need to be a fitness instructor or a Zumba instructor to teach Zumbini," Wolsko said. Before she started with Zumbini, she was a stay-at-home mom and before that, she worked in corporate banking. Zumbini trainings take you through all the know-how you need to help families have a blast.

You’ll start with a day of in-person training, followed by an online training, and have access to additional videos and resources leading up to your first class.

So what does it take to make a great Zumbini teacher?

"You have to obviously have a love of children, a love of music,” Wolsko said. “And you have to have an entrepreneurial spirit because at the end of the day, it does become your own business."

Wolsko started with one class and now teaches eight classes a week with the goal of making Zumbini her full-time business. Like Wolsko, new Zumbini teachers could teach a single six- to 12-week session or build up to teaching a full roster of classes. Teachers can work with dance studios, community centers, or rent studio space on their own. You set the price for Zumbini classes yourself, factoring in the cost of the space and a $35 supply “bundle” (you need one per family per class).