In the cover story for C Magazine, the Guardians of the Galaxy star says there's a "fear of missing out" when you're a working mom.

By Maressa Brown

Zoe Saldana's not just a badass movie star whose action flicks, like Guardians of the Galaxy, rake in major bucks at the box office. She's also a mom of three boys with husband Marco Perego. The couple recently announced that they had welcomed their son Zen, and previously, Saldana gave birth to twin boys Cy and Bowie. If it sounds like the actress has a lot on her plate, she definitely does, but in a new interview with C Magazine, Saldana explains how she does her best to strike that elusive balance between her work and parenting.

"My career and the kids really all happened together at the same time," Saldana shared. "You can’t expect your career to be super high all the time, and you can’t say no when opportunities like this come along. But I find myself really looking forward to downtime."

The 38-year-old also admitted that she can certainly get antsy when it comes to too much downtime. "There’s a fear of missing out, a certain level of anxiety and a desire to create," she explained. "I like to be artistic in everything I do. I want to go big or go home."

One major she attributes to helping her accomplish her goals is her support network—and her husband. "I have a lot of great people helping me raise my children, and also a partner in life," she said.

Saldana also explained that Perego has similar emotional stress related to being away from their L.O.s, sharing, "I thought that mothers were the ones who really felt the separation from their kids. But I've seen the pain in a father's eyes when they've been away. It is universal for parents, not just for women."

Ultimately, she feels like what drives her to press forward is "a responsibility to show up. You can’t think twice about it. And in that way, I’m really leaning in." Love it, and appreciate her candor! Not to mention the fact that she's contributing to an important, ongoing conversation so many working moms can relate to.


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